Kim J. Tanzer

Kim J. Tanzer, MSW RSW

• I’m a registered social worker practicing psychotherapy, yoga instructor, and mindfulness meditation teacher,
• I believe that life is messy: let’s embrace that.
• We must learn to find our own voice and trust it.


Meet Arlo, Kim’s therapy dog

My Philosophy

I am a deep believer that life is messy. Our journeys are not linear and our paths will move in many directions: forwards, backwards, and laterally. To be human is to learn to surf the full catastrophe—the joys, the love, the pain, the anxiety and the sadness, the surprises, and the wonder that being alive brings. We must learn to find our own voice, trust it, and embrace the full spectrum.

My Story

As children, we are taught to refrain from unfamiliar territory, terrain that is potentially unsafe, and we often grow up fearful of this unknown. I have, however, always been curious. I have always been inquisitive. From a very young age, I’ve displayed an instinctual interest in people and their stories.

I’ve found that our school system does not address the many stories that bundle together to make us who we are. We are not taught to consider that life is messy and full of contradictions. We have roles imposed upon us from birth and we are “given” these roles by parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Early on, until we develop our own voice, we are influenced by society at large, our peers, our friends, and our families and we can be easily fooled into thinking all of those voices are our own.

I did not develop MY own voice until after hitting “rock bottom.” While in university, I realized I had been living in accordance to everyone else’s expectations and fulfilling roles that I did not script. I spent many years teasing apart a mess of voices to discover one that was my own. I spent time in therapy, asking myself hard questions, and learning what it meant to be true to my self.

My Work

My work is holistic meaning I function with the understanding that the mind and body influence each other. I am a yoga teacher of 20 years and a mindfulness meditation teacher of 7 years. I believe that the emotions that we feel reside in the body and sometimes manifest physically. Our work together will help you understand this mind/body connection.

I encourage my clients to listen to their own voices and to understand the messiness that comes with being human, whether that’s the relationships we become involved with that go sideways, the jobs we take on that become devoid of meaning, or the way life sometimes loses its lustre.

I work with clients to learn how to embrace the unknown; those places and times in-between and those places when we have to take a leap and trust. Being in the unknown can be terrifying because we feel unhinged. We may feel we do not have an anchor but when we realize the anchor is in ourselves, the fallow field does not seem as daunting, as scary. We can use the space to get creative and grow.

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