Letter to Matt Galloway – CBC Radio

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Dear Matt,

Thank you for bringing to the public the critical issue of mental health on campuses.

I was at the recent Town Hall meeting at The Rotman School of Business, featuring panelists addressing the crisis in mental health issues on campuses.

Today, I am a psychotherapist (MSW RSW), yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher.  Years ago as an undergraduate I struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression.  Learning how to re-train my mind through meditation and other mindfulness practices was integral to my wellbeing.

It is unfortunate that we learn the importance of training our physical bodies, but there is less emphasis on training our minds.  Neuroscience has proven that awareness of what is going on “upstairs” and applying this knowledge can lead to profound changes. Learning how to not be consumed by, or become our diagnoses, is fundamental to leading a full life.

I do believe there is a place for medications; however, we need to teach youth, and adults for that matter, about the workings of the mind.   The mind can influence the brain creating new pathways for change and growth.

I noticed the issues of emotional intelligence and what Daniel Siegel calls “interpersonal neurobiology” were absent from the discussion on Wednesday night. Would you consider adding this information to your piece on the mental health crisis on campuses?

I am attaching Daniel Siegel’s website in case you are interested in reading further about his groundbreaking work regarding both personal and interpersonal healing and health.  http://www.drdansiegel.com/about/interpersonal_neurobiology/

I know you get umpteen emails Matt, but I really hope this one finds its way to you and is of interest.  As a media figure you have the power to influence a multitude of young minds!

Yours truly,

Kim Tanzer