My approach is built on the belief that there are three primary areas of our lives where our messes can be leveraged into breakthroughs.

The Mess: Sometimes life leaves us feeling overwhelmed, sad, stagnant or stuck. We are unhappy where we are yet unable to move in a new direction. We know what is not working for us but need to find our niche, our flow.

The Strategy: Together, we look into this messiness, tease apart the emotions, and shine a spotlight on the sources. You will learn to understand your personal patterns and gain awareness of what’s working for you and what’s not. We develop a plan for how to get unstuck, break through, and create the best life you can. Everyone’s path is unique and I will help you find yours.

The Mess: Relationships, whether familial, friendships, or intimate, are wonderful but can also prove to be challenging. When we are in relationships, we can be fabulously in synch with someone or tearing our hair out and feeling aggravated or unsatisfied.

The Strategy: Together, we uncover patterns or themes that may be blocking you from connecting in meaningful and healthy ways. It takes understanding our values, wounds, and strengths to overcome these blocks and create the relationships that add richness and learning to our lives. With this insight to our own issues we can then understand both our part and another’s in the intricate dance between people. Relationships, to succeed, require authenticity, mindful honesty, and willingness to work.

The Mess: Sometimes we can feel as if we are just churning out the days in a dead end job or on a career path in school that leaves us flat and deflated. Perhaps out of necessity we have to stay where we are and shift perspective, or perhaps we can take a leap but need to garner steam and build confidence to make the jump. Perhaps we just need help to clarify our thinking.

The Strategy: Together we look into the complexities and struggles you face. What are your passions? What gets you up in the morning? How can you fully arrive and engage in your work and studies? Working with you I help you answer these questions from a place of authenticity and realness. Perhaps your work is simply a job but you develop skills and interests outside of that realm so your work feels more palatable. Perhaps you are itching for a change and need to figure out what that looks like. Or perhaps you need to spend time in an objective space to even know whether to stay or go.

“What people somehow forgot to mention when we were children was that we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here.”Anne Lamott

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